Modern Bayit is a boutique Judaica brand for the modern Jewish lifestyle.

The go-to brand for chic, on-trend, and stylish Judaica. 

Modern Bayit is a brand that has the foundations and values of traditional Judaism, but keeps it modern, chic and stylish. It’s a classic and minimalistic approach to Jewish art. I like to think that Modern Bayit offers on-trend Judaica prints that are parallel to the styles that we are seeing now in home décor magazines and blogs. You can pretty much have the Jewish version of that print you loved in that little boutique down the street.


The name Modern Bayit came from the idea of Shalom Bayit, which means peace in the home and refers to the idea that the marital home is characterised by a peaceful and happy relationship between a wife and husband. This really resonated with my husband and myself. We were just married and wanted our home to have Jewish touches here and there that symbolised a peaceful relationship and represented our modern Jewish lifestyle. We found it difficult to find exactly what we were looking for with everything appearing very traditional. In the end, I designed something that we both loved. I then designed a small range of the Shalom Bayit prints, which immediately caught the eye of family and friends and Modern Bayit was born.


I felt like there was a need for this type of Judaica; perhaps for the younger generation or for those seeking a stylish, unique approach. I love all of the gold accents, clean lines, neutral colours and simple, classic designs that are trending everywhere and thought to myself, wouldn’t this be great if it said, ahava? Or this pattern would look amazing on a hamsa.


My inspiration comes from everywhere! I could be scrolling through Instagram, admiring trends in fashion or flipping through the pages of a home décor magazine. I’m also inspired by different patterns or colours I see while out and about. When I create a print in Hebrew, it usually has a personal meaning for me or for my family.


Inspired in its simplicity, I hope you love these modern yet timeless Judaica pieces.

xo  Danielle